ESI[tronic] Bike

ESI[tronic] Bike

Bosch ESI[tronic] Bike

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  • Overview

    Just like passenger cars, 2 wheelers are ever increasing in complexity. This has brought about the need for a bike all-makes diagnostic solution.

    To meet these requirements, Bosch developed ESI[tronic] Bike for existing KTS 340,440, 540, 570 or KTS 840, 870 & 970 testers.

    ESI[tronic] Bike has diagnostic coverage on the most common European and Asian motorcycles.

    ESI[tronic] Bike features include:

    • Service reset
    • Readout and deletion of fault codes
    • Display of actual values
    • Actuator test
    • Special functions
    • Service tasks
  • Easy Connect

    Easy Connect adaptors now available for motorcycles and scooters

    Unlike passenger cars,in general, each motorcycle or scooter has a manufacturer-specific diagnostic socket.

    Here’s a list of the Easy Connect adaptors which simply connect to the OBD lead provided with every KTS product:

    Brand Part number
    BMW 1684 463 840
    Ducati 1684 463 841
    Suzuki 1684 463 847