EBR - Experience Based Repair: Find the right solution within seconds, even for challenging troubleshooting.

EBR - Experience Based Repair

The EBR finder algorithm:

Bosch developed an innovative algorithm which enables the so called EBR-Finder to identify trending vehicle problems from a multitude of sources – using this as input, the experienced Bosch SIS-authors create a repair solution.

Feeckback function:

The feedback function at the bottom of each repair instruction allows you and other ESI[tronic] diagnostic experts to rank and view the ratings of the selected fix. This indicates how popular the solution is and makes the search even more easy – oftentimes needed solutions will be listed at the top.

Your benefits of using Experience Based Repair (EBR)

+ Repair instructions generated by the experienced Bosch authoring team and validated through the expertise of the worldwide Bosch diagnostic community.

+ Already now, 500.000 real-life use cases/ vehicle combinations – and the database is growing day by day!

+ Time saving at its best: The free text search allows you to search for error codes, symptoms and even for components. Also for faults without trouble codes stored.

+ Common structure of each repair instruction to make the repair process easy.

+ EBR provides you always latest content due to the required online connection.

Add this unique information type to your normal ESI[tronic] 2.0 subscription and make your daily troubleshooting as easy as it was never before

If you are not yet registered to the EBR information type you will still see the complete database listing of Known fixes but they are locked until the EBR subscription license has been activated.