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As time goes by

In 1921, the first Bosch Service opened its doors in Hamburg, Germany and the chain reaction of new garages begun. By 1960 Bosch Car Service garages were operational in over 13 different countries and were generating a reputation for quality world-wide.

By 1965 special training schools were established for automotive products. By 1978 the Jetronic concept was introduced and Bosch were ever-promoting their standings in innovation in the automotive industry.

By 1989 the Bosch System Technician training concept was launched to ensure all BCS technicians were taught the most up-to-date practices and ensured the quality of their efforts was to the highest standard possible.

By 1991 the UK network comprised of 341 agents and by 1994 the Bosch ESI- CD ROM based information system was launched and the adoption of the ‘First for Service’ logo.

By 1995 the UK network featured 394 agents and by this point Bosch was represented by over 10,000 agents in 125 countries.

By the year 2000 Bosch applied for patents for 2,400 inventions. Most of these were in the area of automotive technology, making Bosch the most innovative company in this area.

Today, over 83,000 associates in the roughly 16,000 Bosch Car Service workshops in 150 countries service and repair more than 210,000 vehicles each day.