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A re-programming with Bosch KTS series is currently not possible because of the change in the "Euro 5 Portals for the VW group," and introduction of ODIS in their authorized workshops.

Information on Volkswagen

Volkswagen provides access to erWin under the link https://erwin.volkswagen.de. erWin is the Electronic Repair and Workshop Information from Volkswagen AG, both for independent workshops, car fleets and all other companies that repair and service Volkswagen vehicles on a professional basis, as well as for all private persons who wish to repair their Volkswagen vehicle themselves.


The KTS 520 / KTS 550 and KTS 650 cannot be used with vehicles of the VAG-Group (VW, Audi etc.).

The vehicle diagnostics allow you to select between a complete diagnostic system (VAS diagnostic system), which has the advantage that diagnostics can be carried out on all Volkswagen brand vehicles, or the EU-5-VAS diagnostics software via an SAE J2534-compatible interface (diagnostics interface), which allows you to perform offboard diagnostics on vehicles with Euro-5 model approval.


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