Tyre tread measurement with color coded light


The tyres are the only contact points between a vehicle and the road. The quality of this bond decides how safely the vehicle can be accelerated and braked.

The new system for tyre tread measurement of Bosch starts automatically to measure tyre tread as the vehicle passes over the measuring strip. The system uses a color-coded projection and HD cameras.

Main benefits for you:

+ Time-saving measuring process -> in only a few seconds all tyres are measured and documented

+ Sales argumentation material - All results are well indicated in the colour protocoll and support a customer dialog

+ Securing vehicle safety -> the measurement and protocoll will raise the vehicle safety and increase the customer satisfaction with the performed job

+ Color coded technology -> No moving parts as with laser technology, hence less sensitivity against dust, vibration and moisture

+ Non-stop measuring and fast measuring -> within seconds all measurements available

+ Three display options: Smart-TV; Workshop PC; Tablet -> flexibility in the installation options

+ Low profile for uncomplicated measuring of performance vehicles

+ Robust against temperature deviations

+ Suitable for installation indoors or outdoors in areas with open sides (roof covered only)