Control unit diagnosis and reprogramming through Euro 5 / PassThru with the vehicle manufacturer's data

Euro 5 and Euro 6
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Control unit diagnosis

Professional test equipment for modern vehicle electronics

  • About Euro 5

    The Euro 5 Standard: Manufacturer's data becomes accessible

    Since 2009, the Euro 5 Standard has required that vehicle manufacturers provide technical repair information via their online portals also for all independent workshops. Original manufacturer data for diagnosis, service, repair and maintenance has been available to independent workshops since then.

    Independent workshops benefit

    Customer jobs that previously had to be assigned to contract workshops can now be handled directly by independent workshops: service and repair from oil changes to troubleshooting and configuration and reprogramming of control units can be completed on-site in their entirety and across brands – using the original manufacturer data and information.


    Use of PassThru in the workshop

    Bosch PassThru

    To use the online portals of the vehicle manufacturers, it is necessary to have a communication module such as the new KTS generation with PassThru interface to SAE J2534. With the Bosch PassThru software and the software from the respective vehicle manufacturer, it is possible to use the original information from the manufacturer for diagnosis in independent workshops.


    Use of PassThru gives your workshop the following capabilities, among others:

    • Creation of an electronic service booklet
    • Teaching of components (exception: flexible trailer coupling from VAG)
    • Coding of keys

    The new KTS generation with PassThru to Euro 5

    The new KTS generation

    The diagnostic devices in the new KTS generations from Bosch – KTS 350, 560 and 590 – are, like their predecessors, equipped with the PassThru interface. Together with Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 – the proven Bosch diagnosis software for maintenance and repair with extensive vehicle coverage – the KTS diagnostic devices can be employed in many ways and are ideally suited for use as multi-make diagnostic devices.

  • Reprogramming

    Reprogramming and PassThru download

    Information on reprogramming

    Please also refer to the manufacturer's information.


    Bosch PassThru 2.20.0 for the newest KTS generation

    For KTS 350,
    KTS 560 / 590 and
    KTS 960 / 980 / 995.

    Bosch PassThru Version 2.20.0

    Bosch PassThru 1.18.5

    For KTS 340,
    KTS 520 / 550,
    KTS 530 / 540 / 570,
    KTS 650 / 670,
    KTS 840 / 870 / 890 and
    KTS 940 /970 / 990.

    Bosch PassThru Version 1.18.5


    Information on the KTS diagnostic devices

    Information on all KTS products

    Ford models that comply with the Euro 5 / Euro 6 Standard may use PassThru with the KTS; however, there are limitations with older vehicles that use the old vehicle protocol SAE J1850 with a programming voltage.

    Information regarding KTS models: KTS 520, KTS 550, KTS 530, KTS 540 and KTS 570

    In the course of regular testing of vehicles from Citroen and Peugeot, it has been noted that when programming the corresponding control units the procedure may be terminated. The programming can be repeated.

  • Manufacturer information

    Information and links to the makes

    For Euro 5/6 PassThru, the KTS diagnosis series may be used for the following makes:

    Vehicle manufacturers Information to download Link to manufacturer
    Audi PDF download
    BMW PDF download
    Citroën PDF download
    Ford PDF in preparation
    Land Rover PDF in preparation
    Mercedes-Benz PDF download
    Opel PDF download  
    Peugeot PDF download  
    Renault PDF download
    Seat PDF in preparation
    Škoda PDF in preparation
    Toyota PDF in preparation
    Volvo PDF in preparation
    VW PDF download